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Congratulations on this beautiful chapter of your life!


We understand that choosing the perfect name for your little one is a joyous yet sometimes overwhelming experience.


Introducing our exclusive offer - The Name Keeper...a premium naming service that includes 1 month of one-on-one consulting with Grow Little Wildflower Founder - Michelle.


Designed to turn your baby naming journey into a stress-free, delightful adventure that doesn't end after one name list has been sent through - this is designed to help you through to the final name...1 name at a time!


Michelle will work closely with you from the moment you enter The Name Keeper arena so she can get to know you, your partner, your values and your family history and future visions.


Why Choose Our Premium Mentoring Package?


  • Guidance Tailored to You:

    • Benefit from a month (or more) of personalized consulting, receiving curated lists of unique names crafted just for your preferences over the month long journey.
  • Meaningful Connections:

    • Explore the stories and significance behind each name during two exclusive 1-hour personal discovery calls, creating a connection that goes beyond the surface. A beautiful call to enable Michelle to feel your energy & vibe so she can tap into her intuition alongside the research and stats.
  • Instant Support:

    • Enjoy unlimited email/voice message or text support, ensuring you have a helping hand whenever you need it, easing the stress and uncertainty of the naming process.
  • Beautiful Keepsake:

    • Receive a custom-designed digital name Ebook, delving into the origins, meanings, and cultural influences of your top name choices and your naming story so far — a cherished keepsake for your family!
  • Personalized Strategy:

    • Michelle will craft a bespoke naming strategy aligned with your unique style, ensuring that the chosen name reflects your family's identity and highest values.


Are you ready to transform your baby naming experience into a magical journey?


Secure your spot today!

Let's embark on this adventure together and grow your little wildflower with love and joy! 🌷✨


Investment: $799 AUD ($524 USD)


Why Choose Premium Mentoring?


Pregnancy is a time of joy and anticipation, and we believe the process of naming your baby should enhance that joy, not add stress. Our Premium Mentoring Package is designed to:

Reduce Overwhelm: Enjoy a guided and curated experience, making the vast world of baby names more manageable.

Celebrate the Journey: Shift the focus from stress to celebration, allowing you to savor every moment of your pregnancy without the worry of name selection.

Create Lasting Memories: The personalized approach ensures that the names you consider are not just choices but meaningful stories that will become a part of your family's legacy.


NOTE - your 1 month will start from your first call!

The Name Keeper

  • The Name Keeper will be a minimum of 1 month consulting. If you wish to stick around for longer than 1 month - Michelle will extend your Consultation after a discovery session to ensure this is needed.

  • 1 month of Consulting with Michelle includes - 2 x video calls, unlimited message, voice note and email support (depending on your preference)



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