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The Story behind Grow Little Wildflower.

Forever Names. Forever Keepsakes.

They say your passion should spark your work and that is exactly how Grow Little Wildflower was born. 


During ISO in 2020 I decided to share my love of baby names and the little personalities I envisage with each name. I started my IG @growlittlewildflower and I realised I was not alone in my baby name obsession!

It didn't take long for a beautiful, heartfelt community to form...joined by our love of forever names, their meanings and the feelings each name brings out in you.

From little things, big things grow and before long I was creating 100's of Keepsakes for Mama's and their Wildflowers. Beautiful artworks that now hang proudly above many little ones beds around the world...reminding them daily just how amazing they are! Keepsakes to last a lifetime just like the forever name they were gifted.

I soon began to dream a bigger dream.

I have always loved the idea of connecting to a name while sitting in your happy place imagining who they would grow up to be. This is how The Little Keepsake Name Book and The Ultimate List of Baby Names EBook was born...and the rest is history! 

Since around August 2022 I have taken Grow Little Wildflower to another level with the offering of 1:1 Private Name Consultations. These have been the greatest honour for me to be a part of your naming journey in a more intimate way.  What fun we have! You too can book in to chat names with me via my Boutique Name Consult. 

I hope you enjoy this sacred haven and it reminds you to love hard on your little wildflowers for they are all as unique and amazing as their forever names you have gifted to them!


Inspired as always, by my 3 little Wildflowers - Taj, Kai and Aria.

Baby Names of the forever kind. A legacy I am proud of.


Michelle xx  

Image by todd kent

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