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Names with beautiful meanings!!

If you know me, you know I LOVE a name with a sweet, beautiful meaning!

The meaning of a name can truly bring the name to life.

Names have been bestowed with meanings since ancient times. Our ancestors believed that a name could influence an individual's character, destiny, and even their place in society. This idea persists today, as many cultures place great importance on selecting names that embody positive qualities, virtues, or blessings.

I recently asked on Instagram which names YOU felt had the most beautiful are a few of those names:

Polly - "wished for child; beloved; star of the sea" - combine Molly + Poppy and we get Polly!

Aurelia / Aurelius - the golden one. A name that simply feels beautiful and strong.

Evren - "the universe" - Evren was the name of a dragon in Turkish mythology.

Margot - "Pearl". Who doesn't adore this delightful name with the sweetest meaning

Luca - "bringer of light". This name and this meaning....all of the feels!!

Farrah - "happiness; joy". Stunning, unique, fun!!

Maeva Boone - "welcome beautiful blessing". WOW. What a name...pairing something sweet and vintage like Maeve with something gender neutral and bold is very cool.

Matilda Eve - "mighty in battle & life". What a gift to give your child with this beauty of a name!!

River - symbolic and spiritual meaning - "strength, power, nature, flowing freely". Nature inspired and loved by many...River is a gender neutral name with immense power.

Sage - "wisdom, health + peace". There is not many names that can top the stunning Sage.

Evangeline - "bearer of good news". I adore this name with her whimsical, etherial feel and with many nickname options she is a goodie!!

Alora - "my beautiful dream" - Dreaming of your sweet girl?? Alora might be just the name you have been searching for as you drift off to sleep!

Mateo - "our gift - gift of god". The gift you have been hoping for!!

Leif - "noble ; beloved descendant; heir". This name feels brave and bold. Especially significant for a first born.

Wyatt - "little warrior / brave in war". For your little warrior baby!

Here are some ideas from ME!!

Flora - Derived from the Latin word for "flower," Flora is a name that exudes natural beauty and growth.

Luna - Meaning "moon" in Latin, Luna evokes a sense of celestial wonder and illumination.

Aria - With roots in Italian and Hebrew, Aria means "air" + "lioness" and symbolises lightness and melody.

Amity - Meaning "friendship" and "peaceful harmony," Amity is a name that promotes unity and understanding.

Felix - Derived from Latin, Felix translates to "happy" or "fortunate," encapsulating the spirit of positivity.

Grace - A name that needs no introduction, Grace symbolises elegance, charm, and divine favour.

Naomi - With Hebrew origins, Naomi means "pleasantness" or "delight," making it a name that radiates warmth and positivity.

Soraya - Rooted in Persian culture, Soraya means "gem" or "jewel," reflecting the idea of rarity and beauty.

Javier - A name with Spanish origins, Javier means "bright" or "new house," signifying renewal and optimism

Eleanor - With Old French and Old German roots, Eleanor means "bright" and "shining one," symbolising intelligence and strength.

Alexander - Derived from Greek, Alexander translates to "defender of the people," embodying leadership and protection.

Bodhi - "awakening; enlightenment' - A Sanskrit name that embodies feelings of hope and courage....symbolic of the Bodhi tree.

Kai - "Sea; Keeper of the Keys of the Universe; Loveable; fire; warrior' - this short and spunky name sure does pack a punch!!

So, the next time you encounter a name that feels so right for you... take a moment to unravel its meaning – you might just uncover a world of wonder and depth beneath the surface that sends that name right to the top of your list!!

Michelle xx

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