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Revealed: Australia's most POPULAR names of 2023...

As the first BABY NAME Consultant in Australia I excitedly wait in anticipation for the Australian name data to be released each year - and 2023 did not disappoint!

Generation Alpha is here - move over Peter and John...we are making a splash!

I love seeing the names that made the top 10, the names that are rising quickly and the names that are new to the top 100...alongside the current naming trends that parents are loving!

As soon as this data is released I then share with my 168k following over on IG (@growlittlewildflower) and gift parents even more name inspiration! They love to see if their little ones name has made the top 10 or top 100 (or maybe they are hoping it doesn't make the list!!)

Let the name fun begin...

For almost a decade McCrindle has analysed the top baby names nationwide. Every year, each state and territory publish the top names given to babies in the previous year, and after collation, McCrindle identifies the national trends.

Analysing baby names uncovers fascinating insights about society, with naming trends often becoming generational markers for those born within a certain time frame. See more name trends here including the full report.

Here are some really FUN observations from the 2023 name data!!

  • Oliver has continued his reign as the number one baby boy name for 11 years!

  • The top 10 boy names remain unchanged however a few shifts in rankings for Hudson, Theodore and Luca.

  • Harper, Lily and Hazel all made an entrance in the top ten for girls

  • 10 new names have entered the top 100 - Miles, Ollie, Owen, August, Myles for boys AND Lottie, Cleo, Riley, Kaia and Athena for the girls.

  • Top 5 increase for girls over the years are Daisy, Aria, Elsie, Penelope and Ayla

  • Top 5 increase for boys over the years are Luca, Kai, Hugo, Austin and Jasper

  • Nature names are trending for girls - Lily, Ivy, Willow, Ruby, Daisy, Violet, Luna, Poppy, Summer and Rose all featured in the top 100.

  • Classic names with lots of nickname options like Amelia, Charlotte, Matilda, Sophia and Audrey are very loved

  • 2 syllable girl names that are short are also well loved like Isla, Lily, Ivy, Evie, Ruby, Ayla and Mila

  • Names to watch over the years for boys - Theo, Miles, Ezra, Luka, Billy, River, Ari

  • Nickname names are now names that stand alone - Theo, Harry, Billy, Jack, Ollie and Leo alongside Millie, Bella, Ellie and Lottie for girls!

Isla has tipped Charlotte off the number one spot shifting Charlotte to number 3

Top 10 Australian baby names for boys

1: Oliver

2: Noah

3: Henry

4: Leo

5: Theodore

6: Hudson

7: Luca

8: William

9: Charlie

10: Jack

Top 10 Australian baby names for girls

1: Isla

2: Amelia

3: Charlotte

4: Olivia

5: Mia

6: Ava

7: Matilda

8: Harper

9: Lily

10: Hazel

Here are the TOP 100 BOYS for 2023:

Here are the TOP 100 GIRLS for 2023:

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