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Baby Name Trends of 2023!!

Think individual, creative and FUN!

The Names of 2023 will see a shift in the sense that we have access to so many platforms to be inspired by that no name is off limits.

Where previously we may have gone down the less is more its all about going a little more daring, a little more maximalist and a little more individual.

Naming sites like Nameberry analyse Names over time, their impact and their loved they are and whether there is any trends to keep an eye out for.

Here is the trends they have spotted for 2023 so you can stay one step ahead!


Think - Drama, Fantasy, Opulence, Extravagance!!

These names hail from myths and legend, history and fantasy and literature and anime. They are a little over the top in the best possible way. They have a confident energy and up lifting vibe. They offer a strong reflection of current times and are as individual as your future little one's identity.

Here are some of my favs:

  • Amadues

  • Octavius

  • Persephone

  • Wednesday

  • Ottiline

  • Zephyrine

  • Morpheus

  • Valerian

  • Esmeray

  • Wednesday

  • Zebedee

  • Lysander


Names so out that they are now back in!!

Think - Retro, 80's style, Nostalgic charm.

These names are not your standard Jessica or Nathan...they are a little more free, a little more creative and a lot more edgy.

Here are some of my favs:

  • Dallas

  • Blane

  • Marcie

  • Sloane

  • Perry

  • Sonny

  • Ren

  • Dustin

  • Billy

  • Ned

  • Richie

  • Ferris


All that shimmers is GOLD!

Think - Golden and shiny, bright and optimistic.

This style of Names is really endearing to Parents of 2023...gifting your Baby a Name that quite literally feels like a Sunbeam of happiness has to feel amazing and sets your little Wildflower up for a bright and shiny future!!

Here are some of my favs:

  • Goldie

  • Aura

  • Lux

  • Aurelia

  • Soleil

  • Sterling

  • Halo

  • Apollo

  • Elio

  • Golden

  • Sunshine

  • Oriana


The gravitation to what you know and love, seems only fitting after the past few years of being closer to Home than ever.

Think - Rugged, close to Nature, stylish, back to basics

This style of Names is endearing for many as it links you back to what brings you joy. This is a wonderful way to connect to a name and gift your future little one a name that has meaning.

Here are some of my favs:

  • Boone

  • Lloyd

  • Hawkins

  • Reeve

  • Royal

  • Wilder

  • Steele

  • Foster

  • Rhodes

  • Rhett

  • Truett

  • Walker

Travelling Lite Names

Names that can travel across cultures seamlessly seem to be on the rise!

Think - Fresh, funky, light, 4 letters, 2 syllables, ending in i

These names are SO in. They feel fun, vibrant, new! Many of these are shortened versions of a longer name...this also gives them a fresh new lease on life.

Here are my favs:

  • Esti

  • Gigi

  • Leni

  • Remi

  • Lumi

  • Mimi

  • Ravi

  • Rumi

  • Indi

  • Avni

  • Lili

  • Xavi


Names that begin with an X, end with an X or have an X somewhere in the middle...are very loved by parents of 2023.

Think - Cool, spunky, unique, trendy.

X has to be the coolest letter in the alphabet and this is really catching on with our future Babies names! With good reason too, the variety of Names with an X in them is huge...from traditional to unique! There is an option for everyone.

Here are some of my favs:

  • Beaux

  • Lexington

  • Huxley

  • Felix

  • Pixie

  • Roux

  • Onyx

  • Lennox

  • Fox

  • Bellatrix

  • Nixie

  • Pax

WORD NAMES of my favourite styles. Word names...describing a feeling or intention.

Think - Determined, high power, intentional, deep meaning

Word Names are on the rise amongst the everyday Mum and Dad and celebrities alike. Many Word Names are used to gift your child power and freedom alongside the deep meaning that the Word Name can symbolise.

Here are some of my favs:

  • Savvy

  • Hart

  • Brave

  • True

  • Wild

  • Lucky

  • Zealous

  • Legend

  • Golden

  • Stellar

  • Soul

  • Worthy


This trend is oh so fun! The emergence of nickname style names that link back to the Golden era of your Grandpa - reinventing the wheel and giving old names a new zest for life!

Think - Charming, Cute, Edgy

Here are my favs:

  • Max

  • August

  • Bobbie

  • Iggy

  • Jasper

  • Ozzie

  • Stevie

  • Teddy

  • Murphy

  • Lou

  • Lenny

  • Miller


Seriously cool, ultra edgy. Names linked to a colour is all the rage and especially the Blue-Green tones.

Think - Nature, Calming vibes, Reflection, Happy place

Gifting your future Baby a Name with a link to your favourite place or the calming vibes of Nature is a sure way to create a deep connection well before holding them in your arms. A style of Name I simply adore!

Here are some of my favs:

  • Indigo

  • Azure

  • Teal

  • Ivy

  • Ocean

  • Forest

  • Rivers

  • Navy

  • Sage

  • Sky

  • Fern

  • Sapphire

  • Rainey


The ultimate Mix of history and current times...these Mix and Match Names are making waves and I can see why!

Think - Spunky, bold, a vibe

So mixing 2 names into one - with an ending from one name and the start of another...making it funky and fresh.

  • Levitt

  • Oakland

  • Zakhai

  • Foxton

  • Kehlani

  • Kailo

  • Rhyett

  • Riverly

  • Larose

  • Wrenley

  • Islamae

  • Ellowyn

I hope these names inspire you to be brave, be bold and get creative!

As I always say - Follow your heart, it knows the way!!

Michelle xx

Grow Little Wildflower Founder

To see more names in these styles visit - Nameberry!

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