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This is a name book unlike ANY you have seen before.


Each forever name has been intuitively and thoughtfully chosen by Author, Michelle Casey from Grow Little Wildflower, before being beautifully matched with an original intuitive meaning describing the little personality each name may bring out in your little wildflower.


Choosing a name is one of the most sacred journeys you can take prior to meeting your baby. The Little Keepsake Name Book simply allows you to connect to a name on a deeper, more spiritual level.


Use this book to brainstorm, write lists that will grow and then witness them narrow as you come closer to choosing the ‘one’.


Reuse The Little Keepsake Name Book over and over again.


And then…as your little wildflower grows, gift them The Little Keepsake Name Book so they can learn just how special their naming journey was.


Everything you need to find the most perfect forever name

for your baby is within these pages. Tips, amazing combinations, sibling names, name inspiration, blank pages for you to write freely and intentionally...even a birth announcement page!

Let the naming journey begin...


Enjoy this sacred time!


Inside The Little Keepsake Name EBook you can find over 550 forever names all with an original intuitive meaning along with their traditional meaning AND many more magical forever names such as:


Within these pages...


  • About The Little Keepsake Name Book
  • Tips for choosing your forever name
  • 550+ Baby Names with an intuitive and traditional Meaning
  • Angel Baby feature
  • Birth Month Flower
  • Birth Month Crystal
  • Birth Month Star Sign
  • 120 amazing first and middle name combinations
  • 60 Sibling Names
  • 60 Travel inspired names
  • 60 Ocean inspired names
  • 60 Virtue names
  • 60 Gender neutral names
  • 30 Spirit animal names
  • 30 Flower inspired names
  • 60 Trendy names on the rise


Extras which you can print:

  • Family name history page
  • Love notes to your little Wildflower
  • Blank name list pages
  • Birth announcement


Available as a PDF, EPUB and Mobi file for immediate download - so you can add to your iBooks or Kindle. (You will need the iBook app or Google Play books to view the Epub). This is NOT a physical Book (that is coming soon!).

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There is nothing more magical than having over 550+ names at your fingertips within minutes!


I hope you enjoy this beautiful Ebook version as much as I enjoyed creating it and your naming journey is as wonderful and unique as your little wildflower xx



The Little Keepsake Name EBOOK

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    PDF - View on any platform

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  • The Little Keepsake Name Book - Copyright 2022 by Grow Little Wildflower/Michelle Casey

    Please do not forward this Ebook without prior permission. This purchase is for the intended person only.

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