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The best BABY NAME advice for a MAMA to be in 2023!

There is definitely no shortage of NAMES for a Mama to be who is on the search for the most perfect Baby Name for her little Wildflower.

With access to thousands of names on Google, Facebook, IG and TikTok (and many more) you may just find that elusive name that you have been looking for!

HOWEVER if you are like many Mums around the world who just can't seem find that deep, soul searching, heart warming connection then you will want to take a few minutes to read this advice...

Firstly...from one Mama to another, RELAX. Be as gentle to yourself as you are to your bump.

Secondly...You are AMAZING! You are doing amazing. Trust in yourself. Trust in timing. You know your baby best. Your heart knows the way!

Naming your Baby is the first BIG decision you will make for their future and not only that, it is the first gift you will give them upon meeting them! There is weight in that...and this is why Mama's of 2023 are really wanting to get it right with their babies name. And rightly so!

I speak to many Mums who feel stressed and overwhelmed with the amount of names available and the level of unwanted opinion that quite often, they just stop searching and end up with a name scramble just days before meeting their little one! Not ideal when you should be focusing on those last sacred moments and surrendering to the chapter you are about to enter.

I asked my IG Wildflower Family to give me their BEST advice for a Mama to be who is struggling to navigate their naming journey and if you ask me...this advice is pretty SPOT ON!!

So, on behalf of my Wildflowers from around the world who are always so willing to help a Mama in is what they said;

  • If you can't stop thinking about the name, you have found it!! Stop looking ;)

  • Don't feel like you need to choose a name now or immediately after will come to you once you get to know your baby and it is OKAY if it takes a few days or a week!

  • If the name brings you JOY...but it is also popular don't remove it from your list for this is popular because it is LOVED!

  • Try not to worry about other peoples opinions. When baby is here, they will love the name regardless. If it feels right...go for it!

  • Go with your heart and take note if a name keeps popping up everywhere you go/look - this could be the sign you need!

  • Follow your Mama intuition!! You will get a warm, fuzzy, lightbulb feeling!

  • Think about their future and not just them as a baby...

  • When you come across the 'one' it will just feel SO right.

  • Stop googling and searching for names once you have settled on a name!

  • Use it!! Make a list, say it out loud, write it, say it with siblings name (if any), say it fast, say it slow...use it in your everyday world!

  • Write the name in different fonts on the computer and see how it looks and feels when you see it...visualise your baby and you using this name!

  • Create a shortlist - start with 20 then down to 15 then down to 10 and so on!

  • If you have a partner or someone who is helping you decide on the name - have a top 10 each and then see which names are similar - or perhaps they have a similar meaning ...this could help you with your shortened list

  • Consider nickname options - would you mind if the name was shortened? Because let's face it, most kids as they grow will have friends that shorten their name!

  • Think before sharing the name prior to birth...if others opinions could sway you, keep it close to your heart.

  • If the name you love keeps coming back to the top of your most likely is their name, they may be sending you signs!!!

  • Be OPEN to all the possibilities. Don't close off any names that come to you.

  • If you are really unsure, google the names meaning or variations of a name and you might just come across the perfect option! This may sway you to love the name EVEN more!!

  • If you are really struggling...go back to the very first name you have loved for years...

  • Choose the name YOU are excited to say and be proud of it!

  • Don't play it safe...go with the name you just simply love no matter what others may think

  • If you have 'rules' and are struggling, consider if the 'rules' can be bent a little...perhaps this is holding you back.

  • Relax. Trust in your ability to find the most perfect name! Breathe...

  • Follow your heart. It knows the way.

I truly hope this advice from REAL Mums around the world has helped give you a sense of calm in your Baby naming journey. Remember to relax, have fun and trust in YOU!

xoxo Michelle

(aka Grow Little Wildflower)

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