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Grow Little Wildflower

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Choosing a name for your little wildflower can be as fun and beautiful as it is daunting and troublesome! Naming a child is a life long commitment and not one to be taken lightly. 


Here at Grow Little Wildflower we would like to spark joy in your naming journey. Let's make it fun and stress free!


Michelle uses an intuitive approach alongside family history, astrology and tapping into the signs your baby may have already sent you so we can truly connect with a name and gather a list that you will simply adore.

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Our beautiful Intuitive Keepsake Prints are the perfect forever gift for your little Wildflower!


Need a little extra Name help?

Connect with Michelle 1:1 with our exclusive Name Consultations!

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Our growing Collection of Ebooks have been designed to allow you to truly connect to each name and find the 'one'!

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Grow Little Wildflower.

Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language. They hold within them truth, meaning, love, responsibility, connection and joy.
Through art, a name becomes so much more...and this is our legacy.

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About Us.

They say your passion should spark your work and that is exactly how Grow Little Wildflower was born. 


During ISO in 2020 I decided to share my love of baby names and the little personalities I envisage with each name. I started my IG @growlittlewildflower and I realised I was not alone in my baby name obsession!

It didn't take long for a community to form...joined by our love of forever names, their meanings and the feelings each name brings out in you.

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Words have meaning.
Names have power.

Use #wildflower_? to find your name fast on IG!
(change last letter to the first letter of your chosen name)

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