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Grow Little


Australia's FIRST Baby Namer!


Michelle's Mission: 

To help everyday Mama's from around the world choose the

most perfect forever name for their little wildflower!

Meet our Founder!

Hi, I'm Michelle...Mama of 3 little ones, wife, coffee sipper and business owner...all the things!

I love rainy days & early morning walks as the sun rises...this is my 'me' time when my creative mind feels most alive. I'm an encourager by nature and an entrepreneur by heart. I feel so honoured to play a small yet pivotal part in your baby naming journey and to help you find the forever name of your dreams. A name that will be with your child for a lifetime...the greatest gift you can give them!

Michelle xx

Chat Names with Michelle...

Choosing a name for your little wildflower can be as fun and beautiful as it is daunting and troublesome!

Naming a child is a life long commitment and not one to be taken lightly. 


Here at Grow Little Wildflower we would like to spark joy in your naming journey. Let's make it fun and stress free!


Michelle, a Professional Baby Name Consultant based in Brisbane, Australia, uses an intuitive approach alongside family history, astrology and tapping into the signs your baby may have already sent you. Always focused on creating a heartfelt connection with a name so she can create a short list that you will simply adore.

Why choose Michelle? With 4 years experience naming thousands of babies AND the most incredible feedback and loyal clients - Michelle is your name bestie who will be there to support, hold, guide and inspire you from the moment you start chatting until the moment you settle on the ONE. Offering an unbiased opinion and a listening ear when you need it most!

All offerings except my 'Ask me Anything' include a questionnaire completed by you prior to Michelle starting your Consultation. Book Now or read our offerings below to gain a little more clarity on each offering and choose the one that feels just right for you!

...let's name your Baby!

Consultation Offerings

Whether you are seeking a curated name list, an intimate chat or heartfelt wisdom and guidance...the goal is always to ensure less overwhelm and more connection with the end result being a short list or even better,  the final forever name! It can often feel a little lonely as most parents to be will choose to keep their favourite names to themselves for many reasons...this is where I come in! 

I can do all the sorting for you - supporting you through this most wonderful time in your life and ultimately a decision that will last a lifetime. 

OR if you are not quite ready to delve into a Consultation - you can discover a beautiful variety of names on IG or via 3 carefully curated Ebooks!

I have also put together an easy to follow 10 step guide - free for you to download, kickstarting your naming journey with less overwhelm and more joy!

FREE 10 step GUIDE

A beautiful customised Name list, personalised just for you.

This is for you if you're feeling overwhelmed with choice and want the hard work of sifting through names done for you!

Investment: from $97

An intimate month of 1:1 consulting to help you navigate the naming journey and feel heard. Perfect if you need little pep talks, lots of name ideas and a month worth of wisdom, guidance and advice from Michelle

Investment: $777

This is perfect for you if you have a quick question and would love to get it answered in 48-72 hours. Have a name emergency - this is designed for you! 

Investment: $67

Grow Little Wildflower

For the Wildflowers - Podcast

A sacred space to chat all things Baby Names. Michelle and her sister Hayley, discuss name dilemmas, naming wins and they share names that are on their mind right now in the hope of bringing you one step closer to choosing the forever name of your dreams!

Each Month we welcome all the babies born into our Wildflower Community and share their gorgeous names alongside a new Episode released each Sunday.

Follow your heart. It knows the way!

Shop our Wildflower FAVS!

Kai Framed.png

Our beautiful Intuitive Keepsake Prints are the perfect forever gift for your little Wildflower!

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Need a little extra Name help?

Connect with Michelle 1:1 with our exclusive Name Consultations!

Ebook cover (1).png

Our growing Collection of Ebooks have been designed to allow you to truly connect to each name and find the 'one'!

36723A36-BEC5-4A84-BB07-F7482EBE27E9_L0_001-12_6_2023, 9_21_33 am.jpg

Grow Little Wildflower.

Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language. They hold within them truth, meaning, love, responsibility, connection and joy.
Through the art of Name Consulting the naming journey becomes less overwhelming and more inspiring...and this is our legacy!

Search what you need.

Stay Connected.

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Use #wildflower_a to find your name fast on IG!
(change last letter to the first letter of your chosen name)

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All your NameNews in one place. If you have a name...this is for you.

Download your free 10 step naming guide here!

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